PL The first workshop on the “Tell me …” project

In June, the first national workshop under the “Tell me …” project took place – 2021-2-PL01-KA210-YOU-000051578. The workshop was attended by 15 students of the Technical Secondary School No. 4 Transport in Sosnowiec. At the beginning, the students got acquainted with the workshop program, and then they could move on to the exercises prepared for them. The topic of the lesson was “Tell me about your plans.” The participants eagerly discussed their dreams and goals, they touched upon, among others, issues such as:

  • What are plans and dreams? Is it worth dreaming?
  • How to turn dreams into plans and how to make them come true?
  • Practical application of the SMARTer method to make your dreams come true.
  • How to get the best of life and where to find strength and determination for continuous development?
  • Decision making (management: planning, organizing, controlling) as a tool necessary to implement plans and dreams;
  • Dream map – what is it and what are its functions?

After a fruitful discussion, the students switched to practical exercises, which consisted of:

  • choosing a dream / goal attractive for the whole group;
  • planning your holiday week;
  • creating your own dream map.

During the breaks between the main workshop program, students had the opportunity to take part in exercises developing psychomotor skills: concentration, mindfulness, and divided attention. And all this with, for example, fun, learning to juggle or anti-stress coloring books.
Together with the participants, we are looking forward to the next national workshops!
Do you want to learn more about the workshops? You can! We invite you to watch the video in which the participants share their impressions related to the workshops they have worked on.