Project „Tell me…”

Project no 2021-2-PL01-KA210-YOU-000051578
15/03/2022 – 14/09/2023

Thanks to the project, we want to develop, together with young people, a way for them to start “speaking” to express their emotions verbally, to discover new forms of expression. The title of the project “Tell me …” refers to showing young people how important it is to communicate and express their feelings / emotions. By asking a question starting with “Tell me …”, we want to hear an answer about what they think about themselves about others, what their idea of ​​life is, what they think about the world around them, what they felt during isolation. We want to give them the opportunity to comment on important topics.

The goal of the project is:

  1. Gaining experience in the field of international cooperation in the youth sector,
  2. Developing methods of working with young people in the field of improving soft skills, especially in the field of interpersonal communication,
  3. Development in terms of expressing one’s emotions through art thanks to the organization of international workshops,
  4. Provide youth workers with opportunities to exchange ideas and resources to create a “Resource Center” for training young people.