PL “Tell me…” about your feelings

 During the holidays, Technical School of Transport No. 4 in Sosnowiec is teeming with life! Students of classes: 3TT and 3KT continue the implementation of the Polish-Dutch project “Tell me…”, which takes place as part of the Erasmus+ program. It is implemented by the SMART Education Foundation and co-financed by the European Union. During the first two days of the holidays, a group of 16 young people participated in workshops aimed, among other things, at deepening the awareness of one’s own and other people’s emotions, feelings and attitudes, as well as shaping the ability to cooperate, developing the ability to cope with difficult emotions and stress. The classes were conducted by specialists from the Creativity Factory, who, in addition to discussions, brainstorming and drama, worked using the case study method, while using elements of choreotherapy and art therapy. It was creative, fun and informative at the same time, for which we would like to thank the workshop leaders – Mrs. Jola Łysakowska and Mr. Tomasz Gluźniewicz.